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    For Ashapuri Jewellers customers, we have put together a great Jewellery Saving Scheme, Which is active over a 15 month period.

    For monthly deposits beginning with minimum of Rs. 500 in addition to be the total accumulated over this period, Ashapuri Jewellers offers you each incentive / gift article of Rs. 200, plus installment of your deposit. So on maturity after 15 months you can purchase Jewellery worth Rs. 8200.00

    Deposits should be for a minimum of Rs. 500 and multiple thereof upto Rs. 10,000.


    Terms & Conditions :

    The monthly subscription must be paid continuously for 15 months

    After having paid the subscription for 15 months on the 16th month the member will be permitted to take gold and silver jewellery & Articles of the maturity value.

    Cash will not be refunded under any circumstances.

    Defaulting members will be eligible for the terminal benefit only after they have paid all the instalments continuously. Their eligibility for purchase will be postponed by the number of months they had defaulted.

    The members who discontinue from the scheme before the completion of 15 months, will be allowed to purchase only for the amount they had paid. No bonus and benefits will be paid to them.


    GST and other taxes as applicable.